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An innovative fan that refreshes with unparalleled softness, reducing noise to a minimum to preserve a quiet and soothing atmosphere.


innovative model folds easily, allowing effortless storage and transport. Ideal for travel, the office, or at home, it offers a refreshing breeze at any time and anywhere. Its compact and lightweight design makes it an essential companion, ready to follow you everywhere. Enjoy the flexibility and practicality of a fan that combines performance, portability and discretion.

Stronger wind

Designed to offer optimal ventilation, this model ensures you an intense and invigorating breeze, even on the hottest days. Thanks to its advanced technology, it delivers a powerful airflow while remaining compact and easy to transport. Perfect for use at home, in the office or outdoors, this fan guarantees

Digital display

This modern model combines efficiency and technology to give you a superior ventilation experience. The digital screen allows you to easily adjust the wind speed, monitor the ambient temperature, and check the status of the battery at a glance. Ideal for use at home, in the office or on the go, this fan combines performance, practicality and style.

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Exclusive innovation

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Optimize your comfort with our modern fan: an elegant design and exceptional performance to refresh you at all times

Ultimate relaxation

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Upgrade your comfort with our modern fan: boasting top-tier battery quality, a versatile phone charging system, and exceptional performance for constant refreshment.